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Kelly Morrison

Director, Remote and Retail Pharmacy Services Cardinal Health

Activities / Caring for your cast

Can I shower with the cast?

Yes, the cast is made of waterproof materials. You may shower with the cast on.


How to properly dry the cast? Water gets trapped after shower.

After shower, you can dry Opencast in front of the fan/air-conditioner. It should take less than 5 minutes to dry.

Do not use the hairdryer on hot setting to dry the cast as it may burn your skin or cause OPENCAST to lose its shape.


Do I have to wrap Opencast up with plastic before shower?

Opencast is a shower-friendly cast, made from waterproof materials. You can shower with the cast on and wash the cast at the same time, without wrapping the cast in plastic. This allows you to observe proper hygiene even with the cast on.

Just ensure to dry the cast after shower.


How to wash the cast?

As you bath, you will wash as usual and dry it by patting it with dry towel and let it air dry. You may also wipe it with wipes.

Can I go swimming or enjoy other water activities?

The cast is made of waterproof materials. You may go swimming or other water activities if your doctor allows. You do need to make sure that there will be no strong impact on the cast during the process. Hitting the cast against a hard object can cause the cast to break.


Can I soak in the hot spring?

Avoid soaking the cast in hot water exceeding 50 degree as the cast may lose its shape.


Can I play sports while wearing OPENCAST?

You will need approval from your doctor on the type of sports you can play. Please check with your doctor. High impact and excessive force can cause OPENCAST to break.

Can I apply moisturizer with the cast on?

Yes, just make sure the cast does not shift about after applying the moisturizer as the moisturizer can cause the skin to be oily.


Can I still write with Opencast on?

This depends on a case by case basis. Please check with your doctor.

It is possible to write even with Opencast on. There might be slight discomfort on the web space between your thumb and index finger when writing for long periods of time.


Can I bring the OPENCAST on the plane?

Yes you can. There are no metal components in OPENCAST


Can I draw on the cast?

You can draw on to it unless you have an open wound as chemical from the ink might affect the healing of the wound. Even if you draw on to it, when you take a shower, the ink will be washed off.


Since the cast is strong, can I use it as a self-defence device?

External forces applied to the cast can cause OPENCAST to break, thus affecting the healing of the fracture. Avoid subjecting OPENCAST to excessive force.

When do I need to put on the cast shoe?

If you have been given the cast shoe, you will need to wear it all the time, except during sleeping and showering. Do not put weight on the cast, or step on the cast if you are not wearing the cast shoe. Putting force on the cast can cause it to break.

Application and Removal

How long will it take to apply OPENCAST?

It will take around 15-20 minutes.


Will it feel hot during application?

It will feel slightly warm.


Is it normal to feel numb after application?

No. The reason for this may be due to restriction of blood flow. Please inform your doctor or technician.


Why is my cast so long? Can it be trimmed shorter?

All Opencasts are applied based on doctors’ diagnosis and instructions. By trimming the cast shorter, it might not be sufficient to hold the fracture.

Otherwise, Opencast can be trimmed shorter if the doctor deems suitable.

Is the use of electric saw required to remove Opencast?

No, electric saw is not required to remove Opencast.


When can I remove the cast?

This depend on the doctors and the healing of fracture. The cast should only be removed by trained personnel under your doctor’s instructions


Can I remove the cast on my own?

No, it should be removed by trained healthcare practitioner. Unless it is an emergency.


Can OPENCAST be removed by another health practitioner in another hospital?

Yes, if he/she is familiar with OPENCAST. It is best to return to the same doctor / clinic as they would have a better understanding of your condition.


Why do I feel pain after I remove Opencast?

If the fracture has healed, it could be pain from stiffness as Opencast was used to immobilize your movement. Once Opencast is removed, the support to your limb is suddenly lifted and you might not be used to it yet.

Please check with your doctor regarding your concerns.


What can OPENCAST be used for?

OPENCAST is an orthopaedic cast intended to immobilize a limb or extremity for fixation and support.


Where is OPENCAST from?

It is designed and manufactured in South Korea


Is Opencast able to support the fracture like fibreglass/plaster of Paris?

Yes, clinical studies have shown that Opencast is able to support fractures. Many patients have recovered in Opencast.

Application and cast care are important.


Is it safe to wear this cast?

OPENCAST has gone through biocompatibility tests in Korea. If your child is allergic to latex, consult doctors before wearing.


Can the one use for upper limb be used for lower limb?

Yes , if the size fit.


Can the cast be reused?

Yes for the same person as it is not hygienic to use it for a different person. Please do take note of the expiry date of the cast. The cast can be re-molded two to three times.


What if Opencast gets too tight/loose or cause any discomfort?

Do not manipulate with Opencast on your own. Inform the doctor/nurse of your concern.


What if my Opencast cracks or breaks?

Inform your doctor/nurse. Do not manipulate Opencast on your own.


What if I feel itchy in Opencast?

Some patients may still feel slight itchiness. Gentle scratching of skin through Opencast is fine.



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