Caring for OPENCAST

Cast may be used as a treatment option for limb fractures. Learn about how to take care of your OPENCAST

Cast may be used as a treatment option for certain limb fractures and injuries. Waterproof casts can be more convenient throughout your recovery period. 

With OPENCAST, you said to yourself:

“ I can take a shower with the cast on”

“ I can go swimming with a waterproof cast”

“ Its not smelly”

“ My skin can breathe”

HOWEVER, do you know how to take care of OPENCAST?

Read on IF you need to know the:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of caring for OPENCAST
  • Tips & Tricks when using


1. DO NOT expose OPENCAST to temperature more than 50 ° C

OPENCAST is made from composite plastic with carbon fibre, which starts to melt when exposed to heat. Hence, NO sauna, NO hot spring, and NO hair dryer on hot settings. For those who works in a boiler room or deals with machinery with high temperature, please avoid them until you remove OPENCAST. Why? This is because, if OPENCAST is constantly exposed to that temperature, the shape of the cast can change. Pretty much sure you do not want that to happen.

2. DO NOT exert extra FORCE on OPENCAST


3. Do not attempt to manipulate OPENCAST


1. Put on the cast shoe provided when walking with OPENCAST

2. Consult your doctor before removing OPENCAST

3. Consult your doctor immediately if OPENCAST adds pressure on your skin

4. Consult your doctor if the cast is broken

5. Consult your doctor immediately should any problems arise during use

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Kelly Morrison

Director, Remote and Retail Pharmacy Services Cardinal Health



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